The Truth About Greg Parker

Politics in today's society have become tainted with the stench of personal destruction and whisper rumors about candidates. Candidates without ideas or qualifications seek to teardown others, in an effort to win some meager level of political advantage. Unfortunately, candidates are still willing to start rumors and use personal destructive comments against each other. The issues facing Montgomery County are far too important and voters deserve to hear ideas rather than the subterfuge offered by those void of real experience and qualifications, those who hide behind slander rather than honor and action. We have seen too much mud left behind by Hurricane Harvey, why should we tolerate adding political mud.

These are but some of the petty examples of the dirty politics of personal destruction that have been leveled against me now. My hope for this election is that we elevate Montgomery County politics by focusing on the issues rather than simply falling into the same old trap of gutter politics.

What is rumor and what is the truth?

Parker's payment of child support. TRUTH - My son is an adult and I no longer pay child support. Further, I have never been declared to be late on child support by any judge.
Ethics violation. TRUTH - I was fined $600 in 2012 by TEC for not having a Campaign Treasurer appointment on file with the state before I accepted a $15 campaign donation, in my race for RRC.
Bus services for the City of New Braunfels. TRUTH - I did support local bus services for the City of New Braunfels.
Court martial. TRUTH - I was never court martialed. As a matter of fact, I received an Honorable Discharge from the US Army. My DD214 reflects such.
UCC lien. TRUTH - These are normal documents that are within the normal course and scope of a business when collateral is pledged. Further, there is no lien, and this account has been closed since 2002. The president of the company who filed the UCC paperwork issued the following statement, "It has come to my attention that a prior Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filing that is listed in the Texas UCC database is still active or in lien status. This status is incorrect. Moreover, while this document was added to the database as a normal course of business activity for financial transactions with us, this account is an inactive account. This account has been inactive since the end of 2002. All transactions were completed successfully by the end of 2002 and absolutely no monies are owed. The proper closing documents will be filed and we regret any inconvenience this may have caused." If my opponent was such a business man, he would know this. Click here to see the letter.
Company in forfeiture. TRUTH - After closing down a company, there was a small oversight in filing the companies final, zero amount, franchise tax form (not the tax). Unfortunately, the State of Texas does not make a distinction between forfeiture of company assets and simply missing a franchise tax report filling date (zero taxes were due). This was corrected in 2003 and the proper paperwork was filed as required.
Cutting taxes in Comal County. TRUTH - I voted twice to cut the tax rate while as a Comal County Commissioner. One time as much as 4 cents. The Comal County average tax rate while I was commissioner was 33 cents, one of the lowest in that region. While Montgomery county has an average tax rate of 47 cents.
Increase taxes. TRUTH - I voted "no" on a budget that did not include pay raises for sheriff deputies. The loss of such deputies, I believed, was causing a public safety issue. Public safety is the first duty of government. I will not apologize for supporting law enforcement officers. EXAGGERATED - I voted for slight increase in the tax rate to assist in paying for Comal County’s portion of the Hwy 46 right of way purchase, so that it would not become a toll road, employee raises (not elected officials) and to increase Comal County's rainy day fund to assist with major flood expenses.
Eviction. TRUTH - Not True
Voted in the democratic primary in 2008. TRUTH - I was on the Republican ballot and a Republican County Commissioner in 2008. Therefore, I did not vote in the Democratic Primary in 2008.
Witness domestic violence as a child. TRUTH - Yes I did, enough said.
Never written a book. TRUTH - I have authored and published two well researched conservative books. Noted climatologist Tim Ball wrote the foreword to my first book. While, Allen West wrote the foreword to the most recent book. Both were not compensated for their efforts. Further, I am very proud of my literary works and I have dedicated a lot of my time and energy to ensure the accuracy of those publications.
Voted for a salary increase. TRUTH - Comal Commissioners average salary was the lowest in the 18 Texas counties with populations between 50k - 100k. I voted to raise Comal County commissioners salaries from $43,107 to $50,000 over the eight years I was a commissioner. Yet, even after the raise, salaries were still one of the lowest for Texas counties that size. While Montgomery County Commissioners enjoy one of the highest salaries in the State of Texas at $169,000. As you can see I am not against commissioners making a fair salary, I am against commissioners trying to gouge tax payers with extravagant salaries. Click here to see the article.
Support for a new venue tax. TRUTH - The venue tax was an option Comal County Commissioners explored, and dropped. There was never any new tax.
Support for light rail. TRUTH - The Comal County community and its leaders explored the option of light rail and rejected it.
Judgments. TRUTH - These are agreed upon judgments from a company and an individual that have been paid. They still require recording with a county for public record.
5 illegitimate children from 5 different women. TRUTH - I have only one adult child, from a previous marriage.
Broadway Capital Management Company forfeitures. TRUTH - I am not now, nor have I even been a part of the company Broadway Capital Management.
Lane Hartman Company forfeitures. TRUTH - I am not now, nor have I even been a part of the company Lane Hartman.
Increase the gas tax. TRUTH - Raising the gas tax is a state legislative function, and I have never been in the state legislature. Ten years ago, Comal Commissioners wanted to stop the proliferation of toll roads within Comal County. At the time, we were advised by TXDot that the only way to stop toll roads was to increase the gas tax. Therefore, I, along with the other Comal Commissioners, voted for a resolution to support indexing the gas tax to inflation. In retrospect, I wish we would have been able to find a better solution. Through this process, I learned that the state must do a better job of managing the gas tax funds.
Your companies are illegal. TRUTH - I own several LEGAL business entities.
You or your ex-wife belong to a cult. TRUTH - I have never been involved in nor affiliated with a cult. Moreover, I have been divorced from my previous wife for more that 18 years. I cannot and will not speak to what she has done or is doing in her life.
You are under investigation for securities fraud. TRUTH - I am not now nor have I ever been under investigation by any agency for securities fraud for any financial crime. Further, to own a company registered with the SEC and other financial regulatory agencies, as I do, one cannot have any such history of financial crimes. Read the letter from the SEC,Click here..
You are selling securities without a license. TRUTH - I own a company, Indie Crowd Funder, LLC., which is a crowdfunding intermediary registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a funding portal and a member of a national securities association (FINRA) or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. I am not require to have a securities license given the company is registered and allowed to offer exemption securities, under Regulation D, Regulation A+ and or Regulation Crowdfunding. Pursuant to the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act passed in 2012.
You do not have a series 82 and series 63 securities license. TRUTH - That is correct. I, at one time did obtain these licenses, but have let them lapse given I no longer needed a securities license, see previous item.
Your education is fraudulent. TRUTH - I have obtained my education from accredited and academically excellence schools. My bachelors of science degree in business was obtained from Columbia Southern University. My masters of public administration was obtained from Walden University. Further, I am all but dissertation for my Ph.D. in public policy and administration from Walden University. Moreover, in my quest for learning and to further my knowledge base, I have taken numerous graduate level opencoureware classes from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This MIT web-based course content is designed to allow independent learners the ability to enrich their lives and use the content to tackle some of our world’s most difficult challenges.
You were run out of Comal County and or had no responsibility. TRUTH~
You mismanaged the city as city manager. TRUTH~
You are a porn producer.
TRUTH - I have never produced or stared in any porn films.
You are a social justice warrior and support BLM with you Eve Studios. TRUTH - While I do own passive stock with in Eve Studios, I do not have operational control of this company. From my understanding none of the documentation presented nor made public has this company supporting the LGBTQ, or BLM movements. As a matter of fact, Tracy Lindsey Melchior, the head of the studio is married to a police officer and is in the process of making a pro law enforcement documentary. The miss information and ignorant push to try to tie me to such liberal movements are taken from a quote attributed to my brother and not me or the company itself. There is nothing wrong or illegal with several women getting together to raise money for a cause, hence several republican women's groups. While this cause maybe to foster more woman directors, actresses and movies, it is not wrong to want such. This misinformation is being pushed by my opponent to defelct from the fact Commissioner Riley, on November 14, 2017, voted to support LGBTQ and transgender activists to adopt children.